About Us

As you might have gathered by our name, Drunken Stork delivers good times and great value in the form of the finest in wine and spirits at the best prices available on the market. Our curated selection of alcohol covers a wide variety, including classics everyone loves to rare finds collectors will want to get their hands on.

From fine wine and Champagne, to single malt and blended whisky, gins, vodka, eau de vie, cognac, and more you’ll find hundreds of choices to fit your taste and your budget. In fact, we’d be very surprised if you found anything on our website cheaper anywhere else!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect bottle to enjoy on a night in, to celebrate a special occasion with, or to add to your growing collection, then you’re definitely in the right place.

If you’re looking to place a bulk order, please don’t hesitate to email or call us.


About our wine selection

We guarantee that all our bottles have been stored at a constant 18℃, in perfect humidity conditions. Our collection is made up of four categories:

Wines for the curious
These wines come from little known AOCs, offering you an introduction to a selection you might not have previously heard of, but we know you’ll love.

Wines for the budget-conscious
Looking for classics you love like Champagne or wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Loire, and Rhône? You’ll find these and more at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Wines for the collectors
Explore our selection of unbeatably priced Grands Crus and prestigious wines that every connoisseur will want to have in their collection.

Wines for the bargain hunters
Discover our clearance selection to find wines at unimaginably low prices. Some of the whites and rosés in this selection might have over-matured with time, but they still make for excellent accompaniments with food and general enjoyment.